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Tutorial - How to Batch Download Photos and Videos from Multiple Instagram Accounts?

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Free Instagram Download is very convenient when you are trying to download images and videos from a bunch of Instagram accounts. It has a Favourites list where you can input the username of the accounts you want to download and download or update them all in one batch.
Open Favourites List

Step 1. Open Favourites List

To download from several Instagram account you like, Click "Favourites - Edit Favourites" () to open the Favourites list.
Add Accounts to the List

Step 2. Add Accounts to the List

In "New favourite account" bar, enter the username of the Instagram user whose photos and videos you want to download and click "Add" (), then the username will be listed and checked below. You can continue to add as many usernames as you want. You can left-click or drag-select any of them to remove or move up/down. Only the ticked ones will be downloaded so you can untick the ones you don't want to download. When you finish editing the list, click "Save". Free Instagram Download will remember your settings even if you close the program.

Step 3. Start Download

Start DownloadClick "Favourites - Download/Update All Favourites" () to start download from all the ticked accounts in the Favourites list.

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