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Tutorial - How to Download Instagram Photos and Instagram Videos for Free?

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Instagram users upload over 60 million photographs a day according to the statics and if you are an Instagram user and following some Instagram accounts, you may find many awesome photos and videos that you want to save to your computer to store them permanently. Sadly, Instagram does not give a direct way to download these contents. Now cheer up because you have just the tool - Free Instagram Download, to download Instagram photos and videos.
Input Username

Step 1. Input Username

In the "User name" () box, enter the username of the Instagram user whose photos and videos you want to download. If you want to download from several accounts, you need to use "Favourites" list.
Download & Output Settings

Step 2. Download & Output Settings

Click "Settings" () to open "Settings" window:
Check updates on start - automatically check free updates for Free Instagram Download. It is strongly recommended that you tick this option because we will keep upgrading our product to fix bugs and add more powerful features.
Open output folder after the download is completed - automatically open the download folder you choose when all download tasks are done.
Don't download already downloaded files - it is necessary when you are trying to download only the newly published stuff in the Instagram account.
Download videos too - you must tick this option if you want to download the videos; if not, leave it blank.
Don't check files after download is completed - if you don't want the program to check the usability of downloaded files, tick this option.
Wait between downloads to prevent ban - in this box you can set the time (millisecond) you want Free Instagram Download to wait until the next download start. It can prevent being banned by Instagram.
Parallel download count - in this menu you can set the maximum simultaneous processes allowed (1 to 16).

Click "Close" when you decide the settings you want. Click the folder icon in the "Output folder" bar to choose output folder.

Step 3. Start Download

Start DownloadClick "Download" () to start the downloading process. You can see realtime status of the downloading process in the "Progress" field. Meanwhile, the log of the process and error, if any, will be generated, which can be cleared or saved to TXT. When the download is complete, click "Open" to open the output folder to enjoy what you've downloaded.

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